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Snooker at the Crucible 2006

Take a 360° behind-the-scenes virtual tour of the 2006 World Snooker championships at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. See also the updated 2010 tour.

Preparations 1

The empty Crucible auditorium.

Snooker preparations 1

Preparations 2

A view from the end of the table.

Snooker preparations 2

Preparations 3

Technicians set up the lighting and sound equipment.

Snooker preparations 3

Preparations 4

The view of the table that the players get when they are about to break.

Snooker preparations 4

Match about to start

Just a few members of the audience are still to arrive before the semi-final gets underway.

Snooker - match about to start

BBC studio

A presenter's eye view of the (unlit) BBC studio.

BBC Snooker studio

Outside the Crucible

A party atmosphere outside the Crucible, with the match shown on the big screen.

Outside the Crucible