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The Rotunda is a spectacular spot reached by a woodland path and is the site of an edifice built in the early 1790s which had cast iron pillars and a domed roof. It also had a revolving seat with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. However, it had a short life, being demolished in 1804, possibly due to instability of the nearby limestone quarry face. Use the zoom function to see the Iron Bridge nestled in the Gorge in the centre of the image.

The Rotunda was the focus of access improvements during the spring of 2009. The work including installation of a bench and replacement of the viewpoint fencing was carried out by the Trust's volunteer group supported by contractors. Note the difference in colour in this image when compared to the previous image taken in autumn 2008.

This panorama was commissioned by the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust

Photography date: June 2009
Tags: countryside, severn gorge, exterior

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